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Kilbourn Iaret resin New!

cersei cersei2 cersei3 cersei4 cersei5

This lovely lady has been painted by me in many layers of pastels and acrylics to a lightly dappled liver chestnut with chrome. Note: She is classic (1:12) scale.


Leggs Resin to Mule by Liesl Dalpe New!

mule1 mule2 mule5 mule4 mule3

Liesl took her famous Leggs resin and customized it to a mule, then painted it a beautiful fleabitten dapple grey.


Kilbourn Ranch Mare p/b Liz Bouras

ranchmare ranchmare2


Bogucki Turko Resin p/b Mindy Berg

turk turk2 turk3 turko turko2 turko3


Cantrell Nighthawk p/b Mandi Hickman

nighthawk nighthawk2 nighthawk3 nighthawk4

Kitty Cantrell Nighthawk resin painted by Mandi Hickman to a pinto. This guy makes a great performance horse, but unfortunately his previously repaired tail break has begun to crack again. I have sanded some of the area to prep for repair, but he's been sitting on a shelf for years. Figured I'd pass him along to someone who might be better at getting him repaired, hence why I'm selling him at body price. He comes with 3 NAN cards in CM Jumper, 2 of which are still current for 2018.


Manifesto Resin P/b Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig

ccright ccfront ccleft

Darian Buckles Manifesto resin painted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig to a lightly dappled palomino pinto. I had grand plans to make this a mini performance horse, but never got around to making the tiny tack for it. And really, it makes me nervous putting tack on something painted by Sarah, so perhaps someone else can give him a safer home. This guy is LB/Pebbles scale.


BF Judge/Volunteer Model Chestnut Legionario

legionright legionleft

Produced in 2004, approx 75 made. $400