English Tack

Brown Traditional Dressage Set

26167631_1717152028305539_5913483765227424749_n bridles

Dressage saddle, girth, snaffle, and double bridle

Small Traditional English Set

nh3 nh1 nh2

(Doll by Anne Field)

2 Traditional Voltaire English Saddles

voltaire saddles saddles2 saddle1under saddle2under

(Saddlepads by Jana Skybova)

Traditional English Set

ahsaddle engset1 engset2 engset3

(Saddlepad by Jana Skybova, Doll by Sheri Wirtz)

Pebbles Scale English Set

engpeb1 engpeb2 engpeb

Brown Saddleseat Set

brownss1 brownss5 brownss4
brownss2 brownss3 brownss6

Dark brown saddleseat set comes with saddle, double bridle, and white girth.

Traditional English Set

jump3 jump1 jump4
jump2 jump5

This set was made to fit the new Equine Collection OF jumper model, but should fit similar sized models. Comes with saddle, girth, square pad, english hackamore bridle with braided reins, and breastcollar. Pad made by Corinne Ensor.

Small Traditional English Saddle

smenglish2 smenglish3 smenglish4 smenglish5

Fits the Stone Pony, or can be used as a child rider saddle on a regular traditional size model (like Strapless).

SM English Set

1123redo1 1123redo3 1123redo4 1123redo5

This set was made to fit the Morsel resin, and was donated to Smoky Mountain Spring Fling 2006.

Huntseat Saddle

e9a e9b

NAN 2004: Unanimous Grand Champion, CM Hunter Over Fences
NAN 2004: Grand Champion, CM English Arena Trail
NAN 2004: Grand Champion, OF Other English Over Fences
NAN 2004: Grand Champion, OF Other English Performance
NAN 2004: Top Ten, CM Dressage

Pebbles Scale English Set

pebeng1a pebeng1b

Dressage Saddle, Double Bridle, Breastplate

dress1 dresbr

NAN 2002: Top Ten, CM Dressage

Huntseat Saddle and Bridle

ebr3 ebr1 ebr2 lucky

NAN 2001: Top Ten, CM Resin Other English

English Saddle and Bridle

sdtan1 sdtan4 sdtan5 sdtan2 sdtan3

NAN 2001: Top 10 AR/CM Arena English Trail
NAN 2001: Finalist English Pleasure Sport Type

Pony-Sized Dressage Saddle

dr1a dr1b

English Saddle and Bridle

ponyset ponybtm ponytp

Saddleseat Saddle

sst2a sst2b

Saddleseat Saddle and Double Bridle

sseat sseat2

NAN 2004: Grand Champion, CM Saddleseat
NAN 2002: Grand Champion, OF Saddleseat
NAN 1999: Reserve Champion, OF Saddleseat/Gaited

Double Bridle

dblbridrt dblbridlft